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OOP in Haxe

HaxeCoder - 6 May, 2018 - 14:01

What is Haxe?

HaxeCoder - 6 May, 2018 - 14:01

Unity Physics Debug Draw 2D

Allan Bishop's Developer Blog - 28 April, 2015 - 15:31

Developing games or anything interactive is amazing in Unity. Apart from that it is free (including pro features), the main reason I enjoy developing with it is the time saved by leveraging the editor. In addition, those interested in 2D physics games will also appreciate that Unity incorporates Box2D for it’s 2D physics engine. By using the editor you can very quickly create RigidBodies and Colliders in a matter of seconds.

However, one thing seemed missing and that was a good debug view similar to the debug view when using Box2D in Flash. To my knowledge, it seems only if you have the GameObject with attached collider selected in the editor will it render a wireframe view, and, it doesn’t seem to show up when running in game view. So to help with prototyping with Unity’s 2D physics I have created a component that will automatically render all colliders and joints in both the editor and game view. All you have to do is attach the script to the camera. You can download the script (and example scene) from my github.

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angularjs image cropper

Allan Bishop's Developer Blog - 15 April, 2015 - 14:03

Having developed a javascript image cropper tool I thought I would get it working with AngularJS! As far as I am aware this is the only free image cropper directive at time of writing that supports a rectangular crop area with photoshop-esque controls. It also features the ability to enforce an aspect ratio as well as zooming. This means that on the client side a user can upload an image to your server that is not distorted and is already the correct dimensions.

An online demo can be found here and the source repository can be found on my GitHub.

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HTML5 Image Cropper

Allan Bishop's Developer Blog - 8 April, 2015 - 16:30

For a project I am working on I needed a browser based (HTML5) image cropper tool so thought I would make one which I am releasing for free! The image cropper has a variety of features including:

  • Rectangular crop area
  • Aspect ratio enforcement (optional)
  • Zooming (optional)
  • Multi-touch on touch supported devices

A working demo can be found here. The source code can be found on my Github repository. Additionally in the repository you can find the TypeScript files as well as the JavaScript files. An AngularJS version is coming soon.


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